As part of Porterbrook’s fleet-wide refurbishment program to upgrade existing rolling stock to modern standards, URGROUP will provide pre-configured, future-proof, robust digital Ethernet Backbones. This will enable the provision of services such as Wifi, CCTV, Passenger Infotainment Systems (PIS) and predictive maintenance condition monitoring systems and more. Enhancing the value of their assets enables Porterbrook to extend the operational life of their vehicles. The platform can be expanded with the addition of optional applications at point of installation, or in the future.

Besides a public access network, the C769 has the option of an additional secure private network as part of the engine management system. This is totally independent of the primary network and has been planned for since the initial concept design.

Our collaboration with Porterbrook has provided a scalable, secure digital connectivity platform throughout the train. The robust system enables Porterbrook to bring flexibility to its existing rolling stock allowing continued adoption of latest technologies and applications to power essential systems consistent with expectations of a modern digital train.

Developed with a view to reduce fleet disruption and lowest possible cost of installation and commissioning, the first trains will be delivered into service early 2019.

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