Fibre Optic


World-class, high-power fibre-optic links and delay lines.

Ultra-wide Frequency

1Mhz to 40Ghz frequencies available.

Long distance point-to-point

1km to 100km distances covered by ultra-configurable formats for industrial and military applications.


Benefiting from an in-house foundry and many years of experience producing directly modulated and externally modulated lasers and photo-diodes, we have the ability to produce industry leading point-to-point analogue fibre links.

In a single chassis we can combine links from 1Mhz to 40Ghz covering not only the various native satellite bands but also pulsed radar as well. Development is also underway to extend this frequency up to 60Ghz to cover the emerging requirement for Q & V Band.


High power lasers allow us to cover very long fibre distances (up to 100Km) and we can provide fully redundant architectures with our built in optical and RF switches and splitters controlled under an SNMP management system. We can also provide Dispersion Compensation Modules and EDFAs (pre and post amplifiers) to help produce low noise, low error links over these very long distances.

The links can be standard 1310nm architectures for shorter links, 1310nm/1550nm architectures for CWDM bi-directional links and full 1550nm cooled lasers that allow DWDM transmission across the full ITU wavelength spectrum. This allows us to reliably carry multiple wavelengths of light over a single fibre, over very long distances, at a variety of frequencies and with full inter-chassis redundancy.

Form factors include rack mount, flange mount, out-door units and single channel IP66 rated boxes for low cost inter-facilities links.

With the addition of a fibre coil to this system, we can also supply a range of passive fibre optic delay lines (up to 2,000uS) for radar testing, signal processing and phased array antennas. With the SNMP management system, we can design a system with multiple delay lengths that can be switched in and out under automation which is particularly useful for radar test applications.