Sensor Networks


Sensor technologies and networks for monitoring systems and data acquisition.


Deployment of intelligent and flexible sensors allowing previously unimaginable solutions to complex, demanding and remote applications.

Predictive maintenance

Allows scheduled, predictive maintenance to reduce down time and reduced operational costs.


Smart sensors and sensor technology are taking the concept of connectivity ever further, connecting machines and systems together to allow acquisition of data from remote locations in any application. This allows remote and autonomous running of efficient systems with little or no human intervention.


These platforms are built from any number of nodes connected to the ‘edge’ sensors and fed through to the system application via a dedicated gateway. This intelligent data collection, processing and transmission enables migration beyond today’s descriptive analytics, which can only reactively describe what happened and why, towards predictive and prescriptive analytics that can derive meaning from intelligent data and proactively prescribe actions to increase efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime in a myriad of industrial IoT applications.