Access points and clients for robust industrial wireless networking.


Embrace the flexibility of secure, reliable wireless connectivity in industrial & military applications.


Super-fast connectivity in applications where wired connections are not an option.


IP Wireless Links & Access Points

The UR Group family of Wireless devices includes a broad portfolio of Access Points and Clients that work seamlessly together. For maximum mobility, flexibility and network availability in today’s industrial environments.

We can provide technology which guarantees uninterrupted WLAN transmission in indoor and outdoor applications by eliminating all concurrent radio frequencies. This leads to lower noise level and less packet loss. Especially in industrial environments where different radio technologies are used, this technology makes the use of WLAN possible and reliable.

These devices are designed for working in the harshest environments: redundant radios, specifi communication protocols, extended temperature range, specific markets approvals (Railway, vehicle, electrical substations, etc) and in parallel a rich list of accessories for providing a complete package.


Wireless Microwave

4G & 5G Wireless Infrastructures

With the transition from the existing 3G & 4G architectures across to the exiting world of 5G connectivity, new challenges emerge.

Although the world will benefit from connectivity up to 100 times faster than we currently enjoy, the challenge for the mobile operator is great due to the much higher frequencies required (currently 6Ghz but moving to 28Ghz and 38Ghz in the future) and the fact that the signal will not travel so far (meaning up to 10x more towers are required).

To avoid interference and to enable these high data rates, antennas need to move from the existing parabolic design to a multi-channel flat panel design. This means the current architecture where we move a digital signal (known as CPRI) from the base station up to the antenna at the top of the tower (where it is turned to analogue and transmitted) potentially needs to be replaced.

With three steerable flat panel antennas (with 64 phased array panels per antenna) being required to cover the full 360°, this now means processing nearly 200 digital feeds at high frequency at the top of the tower to produce a transmittable analogue signal. This means a large, power hungry, air-conditioned cabinet at the top of the tower.

An alternative to this is to do this processing at the bottom of the tower in a street cabinet and pass these two hundred feeds up to the top of the tower via fibre in an analogue domain. We currently have the technology to do this at 6Ghz using multiple signal wavelengths over a single fibre (DWDM). This concept means less real estate is used at the top of the tower (reducing cost) and is scalable to the higher frequencies in the future.

As a provider of one of the world’s only linear analogue 6Ghz directly modulated laser and photo-diodes, we have been generating a great deal of interest (and have conducted many trials) with the main operators across EMEA.

In addition, the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) market is also very interested as they will have the same issues providing 5G connectivity inside large buildings and outdoor events.