Connected Technologies
Industrial Networks
Scalable and robust industrial IP networking.

We are empowered by world-class partnerships to configure optimised connectivity solutions for ruggedised IP network-enabled platforms across intelligent transportation, defense and industrial markets. The sectors are making full use of the efficiencies and economy of scale that can be realised form robust and proven industrial and defence grade IP platforms.

Access points and clients for robust industrial wireless networking.

The UR Group family of Wireless devices includes a broad portfolio of Access Points and Clients that work seamlessly together. For maximum mobility, flexibility and network availability in today’s industrial environments.

Fibre Optic
World-class, high-power fibre-optic networking

Benefiting from a wide broadband frequency range (1Mhz to 40Ghz), high power transmission capabilities (1m to over 100Km) and huge choice of inputs and outputs, fibre can be a great choice for a point-to-point link.

Reliable and robust modular satellite systems, antennas and components

Although the use of IP networks and fibre are a popular choice, there are many applications where the only viable option is to use satellite. With new compression and modulation technologies and especially the introduction of commercially available Ka Band, satellite is now coming back to steal the limelight and also being considered in a range of new markets.

Sensor Networks
Sensor technologies and networks for monitoring systems and data acquisition

Smart sensors and sensor technology are taking the concept of connectivity ever further, connecting machines and systems together to allow acquisition of data from remote locations in any application. This allows remote and autonomous running of efficient systems with little or no human intervention.

Fibre Navigation Systems
World-class, industry-leading fibre-optic gyroscopes with integrated optics and electronics

These high-accuracy devices offer unbeatable performance in applications such as platform stabilisation, missile and UAS guidance, North-finding and target locator systems.